Synergy - Share your Keyboard and Mouse on several platforms


Synergy is a VKM (Virtual Keyboard and Mouse) software that allows you to share your keyboard and mouse with computers running different operational systems (E.g.: Linux, Windows, etc..). There are alternative softwares that can replace Synergy if you would like to share your keyboard and mouse with devices that use the same operational system (E.g.: Mouse Without Frontier for Microsoft Windows). However, the attractiveness of Synergy is the fact it is an open source software and can run in multiple operational system platforms.

The following walkthrough will demonstrate on how to install the Synergy software and share your Windows machine keyboard and mouse with a RaspberryPi device, however you can use the same process to get it ready on other devices.

Installing Synergy on Windows and run it as Server

You will find the information of you computer Host name.

The example above demonstrate a configuration on the Windows PC (RSANTOS-PC2) and the Raspberry PI device (raspberrypi) located at the IP address The Raspberry PI is configured to be on the Right of the Windows PC.

Installing Synergy on Raspberry PI and run it as Client

Done! Now you can use your mouse and keyboard on both machines

Note: In case you are not able to move your Windows Device mouse on the Rasperry monitor, you can run the following command to trace the error:

 synergyc -f <Windows Server IP>

Note: You might need to re-start the synergy client on the Raspberry PI device.

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