Phrase Express

There are some programs that are life change and in my opinion the PhraseExpress is one of them.

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The Phrase Express program monitors everything you type on the keyboard and allows you to configure several actions based on the key pressed. It do not only evaluate a sequence of keys pressed at the same time, but evaluates the previous texts typed in order to provide actions that are very flexible and configurable.

For example it would not be very useful to have a kind of Visual Studio intellisense in any program that you use? More than a similar functionality, the Phrase Express program allow you to execute the following tasks in any program:

There are several fields where Phrase Express can be used but among others I would like to bold its usability on Q&A automation since it allow also control mouse and keyboard clicks.

Take a look on the tutorial video Phrase Express Tutorial Video

In addition the PhraseExpress has a portable version and can be integrated smoothly with Dropbox witch makes this solution very interesting to be uses in several computers.

And all this for free for personal use.

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